Bespoke Programmes with up to 850 separate quality standards from every aspect of the customer experience. A complete customer service experience measurement tool.

Each Client’s Qualitywatch programme is a comprehensive and bespoke programme written specifically for the individual client to meet the standards that the client would like their business to achieve, be it a sales standard, a service aspiration or a procedure or initiative.

The standards used within Qualitywatch can focus on specific issues the client’s team are working towards. For example, the use of the guests name in all customer interactions, or a policy of acknowledging customers throughout the business by all members of the team. Because the programme is written and regularly updated using the objectives that the team are striving to adopt, the end report always illustrates a relevant and objective assessment of the service received by the customer.

The programme becomes the SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) Manual for your business that is regularly and independently measured against. The results will be used within the business as a gauge for:

  • Operational effectiveness
  • Employee Performance management programmes.
  • Effectiveness of training and development
  • One on one Supervisory and management coaching.
  • Setting future service aspirations.
  • Benchmarking performance against Industry standard