Independent Contractor Agreement

I agree that I am a sub-contractor of The Mystery Partnership and not an employee of The Mystery Partnership. I also agree to the following points:

  1. I agree not to, under any circumstance, reveal my identity as a mystery assessor. I agree to not disclose the details of any assignments or any other information The Mystery Partnership may provide to me except where I may reasonably be required by law to do so.
  2. I agree not to accept any assignments where there is the potential for any conflict of interest. I understand that accepting assignments where there is a conflict of interest will be considered fraudulent and legal action may be taken.
  3. I understand that The Mystery Partnership may review personal information to ensure client employees are not conducting mystery assessments for that client. I understand that clients may dismiss employees who conduct conflict of interest activities.
  4. I agree that as a sub-contractor, The Mystery Partnership is not liable for any events of personal injury or liability caused by or experienced by me whilst completing work on behalf of The Mystery Partnership.
  5. I agree to comply with the assignment instructions and scenarios as provided by The Mystery Partnership. I agree to complete the assignment on the scheduled day. I may change the assigned assessment date if I suddenly cannot comply with the shop date selected, but understand it is my responsibility to immediately arrange a new assessment time or date on the The Mystery Partnership online Portal as soon as possible and prior to the scheduled assessment time and date.
  6. I agree to report the results of my assignment within 24 hours of the agreed assessment date and time of an assignment.
  7. I understand that any inaccurate or misleading personal information I have provided may result in The Mystery Partnership pursuing legal action against me.
  8. I understand that The Mystery Partnership can terminate its relationship with me and remove me from the database at any time for any reason without any prior notification.
  9. Australian shoppers only – I agree to supply The Mystery Partnership with mystery shopping services on an individual assignment basis and that it is my responsibility to print and complete the Statement by a supplier form provided by the Australian Taxation Office and return to The Mystery Partnership. I acknowledge that The Mystery Partnership cannot make payment for my services without first being in receipt of the signed form.
  10. I agree that it is my responsibility to consult with a tax professional or financial adviser to determine my individual tax responsibilities. one month after The Mystery Partnership’s receipt of a valid assignment.
  11. I understand that The Mystery Partnership pays all sub-contractors where appropriate by cheque or via electronic funds transfer and that it is my responsibility to provide my bank account details to The Mystery Partnership.
  12. I agree that I have never held any other The Mystery Partnership assessor account.
  13. I agree not to modify in any way the receipts I collect and submit to The Mystery Partnership, nor will I fabricate receipts, nor will I submit false or untrue receipts.
  14. I agree that I will not swap identities with other mystery assessors.
  15. I agree to keep my The Mystery Partnership account password private and confidential.
  16. I agree to report to The Mystery Partnership any attempt to use my password by another person that I learn of.
  17. I acknowledge that I will not be paid or refunded for any assignments where:
    • Receipts submitted by me are modified or untrue.
    • I have not followed the assignment instructions.
    • My assignment answers are untrue and I have not been honest in my responses.
    • I have any connection to people who work for the client.
    • I have more than one The Mystery Partnership account.
    • I have been uncooperative with The Mystery Partnership staff.
  18. I agree that I am not an partners of any client of The Mystery Partnership, nor have I been in the last 5 years.
  19. I agree that I will not use the The Mystery Partnership assignment web selection site for any purpose other than selecting assignments.
  20. I agree that I am at least 18 years old.
  21. I agree that all the personal details I have supplied are complete and correct.