Environmental Policy

  • With the drastic climate changes affecting our planet, we decided as a company to take our environmental policy very seriously. The Mystery Partnership is committed to playing its part in reducing damage to the environment.
  • The Mystery Partnership operates a policy of conserving energy, water, wood, paper and other resources, particularly those which are scarce or non-renewable.
  • Where possible the company’s partnerss will utilise re-cycling facilities at sites in which they are working.
  • Our policy also covers our commitment to minimising the risk of pollution; encouraging suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging used where there is no risk to equipment, the use of public transport where possible and consolidating long-distance trips to clients in the same geographical region where practical.
  • The Mystery Partnership will encourage and advise its clients on how to run their facility efficiently and in an environmentally aware manner based on best practise, and will work with its clients to ensure that the requirements of all relevant statutory regulations are met or exceeded.
  • To support general Government policy, we would expect a potential supplier to have environmental management systems in place on the lines of ISO 14001, which is increasingly being adopted by the more responsible sections of industry.