Measuring the effectiveness of telephone enquiries, delivery and follow up calls.

With over twenty five thousand assessments completed, this service benchmarks all departments dealing with the initial enquiry, sending out brochures or conference packs and following up the enquiries.

With 450 businesses currently using our BrochureWatch programme, see the benefits for yourself, with over 20,000 assessments having been undertaken.

Each month one or more calls are made to your establishment from one of our experienced and trained callers. The pack is sent to any one of our 95 Business or private addresses. If your team make a call to chase the enquiry, this is also monitored and marked.

A report is then written based on an evaluation according to a set of 60 specific standards of definitions which illustrates the performance of the month’s assessment and gives you a clear historical trend of results, thereby providing a fair and accurate record of achievement.